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H22N Series - Cash Dispenser

The H22N series are compact cash dispensers delivering unparalleled easy usage and maintenance. With ergonomic and extendable features for revenue-generating service, H22N series can change your ATM from a cost centre to a profit centre. The continuous technological innovation of GRG makes H22N series the unrivalled machines with maximum usability and availability which fit into different scenarios.

Intrinsic Performance
With high capacity and good performance, H22N series process up to 60 notes/transaction, 7 notes/second and safe keeping 3000 x 4 cassettes' notes, and have been supporting numbers of high transaction locations and delivering reliable and fast transaction service to innumerable users.

Maximum Availability
With the unrivalled level of expansibility and flexible configuration, contactless card reading, bill payment and other media dispensing features are not impossible for H22N series. They deliver value-added service in many applications to extend banking channels, and to generate incomes from 3d party payment solution providers.

Premier Security
Built-in anti-skimming & anti-cash-trapping solution guarantees a more secure transaction environment.

Optimized Design
Ergonomic fascia and compact structure, intuitive dispensing features combined with multi-extension functionalities.

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Mission & Vision

Our philosophy is to model the solution based on the customer’s needs by optimizing their processes efficiency and adopting the best practices.

In the near future our aim is to become a first choice trusted partner for all the companies that want to move a step forward through constant innovation.


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