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stn2854The most important advantages provided by STN Gateway product family are as follows:
• Routing ISO8583 messages to different hosts by using NII protocol
• Hardware and software featuring simultaneous backup & uninterrupted operational configuration for Redundancy
• Routing parameter packets to different servers
• SSL connection supporting by TLS v1.0 , 1.1 , 1.2
• Supporting 4000Tps and 8000 session (socket ) concurrently
• Supports 4 x Downlink cards independently
• Routing through 8 listening ports and port-specific separate policy definitions
• Routing up to 20 target hosts by using “incoming port” and “NII” protocol with
permanent connection
• IP and DNS host configuration supporting for different Host
• Load balancing among hosts
• Web-based management (Https )
• Supporting console connection by serial cable or by Ethernet (SSH )
• POS message encryption/decryption with Hsm device
• Advanced debugging tools ( as Syslog message or Tcp dump )
• Advanced features for monitoring, planning and controlling server loads
• Efficient management of the system through monitoring and reporting number of reversal transactions (ISO8583 - 0400 messages) occurring in the system
• Prompting necessary warnings to the business units by determining alarm/warning thresholds through effective management interface
• Supporting integrated configurations through ability to integrate with the available network management systems
• Superior performance features (number of packets processed per second)
• In case of reboot, Stn Gateway restarts in 25 seconds, it maximizes availability of the system and prevents data losts.
• STN Gateway supports remote firmware upgrade , backup and restore configuration.


Physical Specifications
  • • 4U height, 19’’ Rack Mountable
    • Fast reboot time (max 25s)
    • Solid State Disk ( for OS )
    • Systems Board
    • Embedded Linux OS.
    • Dual Power Supply
    • Standart PC I/O ports ( Usb , mouse , keyboard , monitor out )
    • 2 x Ethernet Interface (100/1000Mbps) for Uplink
    • 4 x Ethernet Interface (100/1000Mbps) for Downlink

Mission & Vision

Our philosophy is to model the solution based on the customer’s needs by optimizing their processes efficiency and adopting the best practices.

In the near future our aim is to become a first choice trusted partner for all the companies that want to move a step forward through constant innovation.


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