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EFT POS Terminals Software

Symmetric has partnership with one of the biggest company in the world developing POS software IPAS.

The platform for POS software offered is called CISBase and is available in the form of a binary file for download into the POS-terminal or PINPAD and is designed to perform the financial and administrative operations connected with the processing of banking cards at POS-terminals or PINPADs.

CISBase is multivendor platform supporting the major part of the EFT terminals well known in the world nowadays as Verifone , Ingenico, PAX ,Hypercom etc.

Functionally CIASBASE consists of the 3 main parts:

Business-logic - main functionality determined by the requirements of the client - the set of supported operations, user interface, receipts, etc.

Host modules – determined by the SW using on client’s PPC;

HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) – the layer between application and systems SW (operation system, drivers, cryptoprocessor etc.).

The  CISBase  file  compilation  is  performed  for  exact  customer  and  includes  the  set  of components corresponding to the exact requirements.

Mission & Vision

Our philosophy is to model the solution based on the customer’s needs by optimizing their processes efficiency and adopting the best practices.

In the near future our aim is to become a first choice trusted partner for all the companies that want to move a step forward through constant innovation.


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